Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Night CIMI

Hello Eastshore Families!

It was another wonderful day at CIMI. The sun came out this morning, just in time for the first kayak, and it cooled down slightly before we set out on an afternoon hike. What could be better?  Honestly, we are having incredible weather. Jeff Cook, the director, told me that this is the best it has been all year.

As Mr. Compton said in his post, all of the kids ate a delicious, healthy dinner. The cheesy potato "surprise' seemed to be the favorite item. When asked which is better, school food or CIMI food, the kids simply giggle. Hmmm......

It has been a day filled with activity, so our students are all pretty tired tonight. They are tucked into their sleeping bags waiting for us to make our final 'lights out' visit. will sleep well!

Tomorrow is a snorkel day! Along with gorgeous weather we are also lucky to have great water visibility. Keep your fingers crossed for us to see some beautiful sea creatures and we will keep you posted.

That is all for tonight. The kids are happy and having a blast!

Mrs. G

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